Samsung’s new curved $120,000 OLED


Samsung have just put up for pre-order their flagship 105″ 4K TV, and it will only cost you $120.000 (roughly 90,000 euros).

First shown during the last CES event, this UHD TV has a 21:9 curved OLED display, with a resolution of 5120 x 2160p; making it a fine companion for cinema enthusiasts. The TV features a depth enhancer engine, local micro dimming, an advanced smart TV system, and a refresh rate of 1440Hz.

The price includes the TV and all necessary accessories, but will also come inclusive of a visit from a Samsung certified engineer to give you a walk through of all the TV’s features.

In my opinion I would use the $120,000 to buy a small home, a large projector screen, a comfy recliner, and an awesome 3D projector. I would probably have some spare change too for some beer and crisps.