Samsung Smart Bike Unveiled


Traditional design, modern safety features, functionality, and beauty; Samsung has unveiled the new Smart bike concept.

This is the first bicycle that protects the rider thanks to its safety components, using a Samsung Smartphone as it’s brain.

The smart bike features a rear view camera, which allows the rider to always watch his back. The camera streams a live feed in real time to the riders Samsung smartphone, allowing him a 360 view. The bike has four built-in laser emitters; which project a virtual bike lane on the road surface, alerting motorists of your presence.

In addition to this, a GPS system tracks people’s daily routes, and lets local transport authorities know which ones should be turned into real bike-lanes.
Designed by the experienced Maestro Giovanni Pelizzoli, the smart bike has a curved aluminium frame, to absorb jolts from city streets, thus providing a smoother ride.
The bike is set to be displayed to the public at the Milan Design Week 2014.

Samsung Smart Bike from Samsung Maestros Academy on Vimeo.