Samsung Edge and S6 Bend test


As Samsung launched the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge, the first reviews and tests hit the social media. However since the iPhone 6 ‘bendgate’, bend tests have become the norm on youtube and vine. In fact SquareTrade have released a video showing the Samsung Edge apparently bending relatively easily, as they claim that the Edge body strength is akin to that of the iPhone 6.

The Korean Electronics giant didn’t stand quietly and released a video showing the S6 Edge and Galaxy S6 undergoing a three point bend test (from front and back), using proper equipment and showing the statistics in real time as the tests progresses. The test concluded that the phone is in fact stronger than 5 pencils put together, which are hard to break.

This test concluded that the phones are sturdy after all, and the SquareTrade video gave the wrong impression of the phone’s strength by assuming an erroneous force value. Samsung have asked SquareTrade to re-perform the tests using the standard force values, and performing them on both sides of the phone.