Robots will build iPhone 6


Apple manufacturer, Foxconn, will soon launch a new robot assembly line, which will automate the production process of the upcoming, iPhone 6.

During a shareholders meeting, Foxconn CEO, Terry Gou, revealed that the robots are in the final stages of testing, and once completely finished, they will be installed in at least one Foxconn factory, to meet Apple’s demands. He also revealed, that Apple would be the first company to take advantage of these machines, who will be used on the anticipated iPhone 6. Gou named the robots Foxbots, and claims that Foxconn won’t sell the bots to other companies, since they are limited in number.

The company will produce 10,000 new robots, they will reportedly cost between $20,000 and $25,000 per unit, and they each will be able to manufacture 30,000 smartphones per year.

Foxconn has been under scrutiny by several humanitarian entities, who investigated claims of severe working conditions, and a higher than usual suicide rate, at their plants. These robots will alleviate the pressure on their production line workers, but the company is set on completely replacing factory workers in the near future.

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