Ray: the Robot who parks cars


Düsseldorf airport has a new special employee, Ray; an intelligent robotic parking system, which will be relieving the stress from travellers.

Developed by Serva Transport Systems, Ray, has space to automatically park up to 249 vehicles of any size. All you need to do, is book your parking space on-line before your flight, via the system’s app for IOS and Android devices.

Costumers can leave their cars near the airport terminal, and the robot handles parking for them. Ray measures the vehicle, picks it up with a forklift-like system, and takes it to the back area, where it will position it in one of the 249 parking spots reserved for automated valets. The car is fully scanned before moving it, so the system knows the dimensions and prevent any dents, or damage.

The robot is also connected to the airport’s flight data system, and knows when the customer will come for the vehicle. If an itinerary changes, the traveller can easily and quickly communicate the changes to the system via the application.

Ray is able to optimize the available space, and can fit 60% more cars into the same area that would be required by humans parking traditionally.

The airport is ready to expand the program, and Serva says that the system can be retrofitted into any airport’s existing parking system technology.

Parking will become a child’s play for passengers!

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