Panasonic 3E Unveiled


Engage students, empower teachers, enable IT; this is the mantra of Panasonic 3E.

During the International Society for Technology in Education Conference, Panasonic launched one of the first hybrid laptops, based on the new Intel Education 2 in 1 reference design. This device is a rugged Windows notebook, that becomes a tablet after you separate the display from the keyboard. The 3E is loaded with interesting features, such as a lens that turns the device into a microscope. It also has a thermometer probe, that the company believes can make learning science and mathematics more enjoyable than before.

Other features include; educational applications, and lesson plans from Intel. There are also ArtRage for digital painting, and Kno interactive textbooks.

Indeed thanks to the in-built stylus, students can interact with the Panasonic 3E tablet, make more productive use of it by taking notes, and drawing on the screen.

3E includes also rear-facing cameras that can be used with Intelli Sense’s Lab Camera, and Media Camera applications, to create videos for educational projects.

This hybrid tablet will help the students to leap better into the digital age, and enjoy learning.