OS X Yosemite Unveiled


Apple CEO Tim Cook has introduced the new OS X Yosemite. Unlike the previous versions of the system, Yosemite has been developed to work seamlessly with iOS.

Aesthetically there are minor changes, which include a clear and consistent font type throughout the system, an opaque finder menu, and  newly designed dock and icons. All built in apps have been given a more elegant redesign, which matches the new interface, and also been tweaked to improve performance and be more user friendly. Just like the iOS8, Spotlight has been upgraded and will be delivering better and more relevant search results, as well as directly linking to Maps, Bing, and Wikipedia.

The integration to iOS8 introduces seamless connectivity between the user’s iPhone and Mac, and brings brand new features to the systems. Users will now be able to pair their iPhone to their Mac wirelessly, to receive notifications, read and reply to SMS messages, and also answer or make call directly from their PCs. There is also strong a focus on continuity, as both operating systems will be able to recognise the user’s last actions, so they can start off a task on their Mac and finish it off on their iPhone.

Just like the Apple iOS 8, the OS X Yosemite will be rolling out this Fall.