Satisfy your Imqaret Craving on Facebook


You can now order food without leaving Facebook!… If you are in the US of course.

Bringing people together

Facebook has always been about bringing people together; even though that isn’t always the case. To further keep this aim going they have implemented a feature within the social network that allows you to order food without exiting the website.

Users can find this new feature right on the explore page. Facebook also brings together local spots, national restaurant chains and the most popular delivery services for a seamless user experience.

In order to use the new service, a user must simply tap on the Order Food feature within the explore page; where one can find loads of food options. Facebook users here, can choose food and even opt to pick up the food rather than waiting anxiously at home for their juicy burger.


This feature further pushes Facebook towards their long-time goal. This is to turn Facebook into a one-stop website for all your needs.