Ian is NOT Upgrading to the New Samsung Galaxy S9+ Here’s Why


After months of waiting for the anticipated release of the Galaxy S9, Samsung’s flagship has arrived. Gadgets had a first look at the new Galaxy at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona on Sunday.

Ian with the new flagship Samsung Galaxy S9 at MWC 2018 in Barcelona

These are some of the new features:

  • A repositioned fingerprint scanner
  • Dual camera for the S9+
  • Super smooth 960 fps slow motion
  • AR emoji similar to Apple’s animoji
  • Improved speakers
  • Improved low light photography
  • Intelligent scan for improved facial recognition

Gadgets’ very own Ian has been using the S8 flagship phone as his daily driver, so we were dying to hear his opinion when he got to experience it first hand at the world’s largest smartphone conference.

What Ian likes about the Samsung Galaxy S9

  • The fingerprint is finally in a usable position
  • The camera was already awesome in the S8 and is now even better on the S9, especially in low light
  • Super smooth 960 FPS slow motion capturing
  • Great inbuilt speakers produced by AKG

What Ian doesn’t like about the Samsung Galaxy S9


samsung-s9-1-1 bixby mobile world congress

  • It looks identical to the previous S8
  • The facial recognition is identical to Apple’s.
  • With regards to Bixby, they are going to have to try harder if they are to compete with Google Assistant and Apple’s Siri.

Will Ian upgrade to the Samsung Galaxy S9?

This is definitely a step up, but the improvements and changes are not substantial enough for him to upgrade to the latest flagship release from Samsung especially since the 64gb version is priced at €999 from the Samsung website.

For all of you Samsung users, what do you think of the new Galaxy S9? Will you be making the upgrade?