This is how much it will cost to repair an iPhone X in Malta Today


In the past, dropping a phone meant simply picking it up and getting on with your day. The only issue would be when your phone meets water or any other type of liquid. Nowadays, it’s the complete opposite with phones getting thinner with huge glass displays, yet water resistance in phones is becoming more common.

This has become a more common sight than ever before:

And it doesn’t feel good.

Breaking the Front of the iPhone

Dropping your iPhone X and breaking the glass and digitizer is going to cost you between 800 and 850 euro.  (since parts aren’t available individually)

For comparison: You can buy a brand new iPhone 8+ for this price for Apple’s website.

Breaking the Back of the iPhone

Due to how the new iPhone X’s were designed, if someone happens to break the glass backing of the iPhone X; they would also have to replace the rear-facing camera. This is still going to cost you a hefty amount. Estimates show that it will cost you between €500-€600 euro.

For comparison: You can buy a new iPhone 7 from Apple’s website for around this price.

Verdict: Grab a cover, NOW.

Thanks goes to Pulptech for helping us out with these estimations.

The price of parts is expected to go down as time goes by since Apple have not yet begun producing extra parts for fixing devices due to such high demand.




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