Meet Bob the Security Robot


Last week the world was introduced to Pepper, the charming customer service robot which is able to understand emotions. Today we get to meet Bob, the Dalek inspired robot, which is set to aid security personnel. Bob is able to scan areas in 3D, and detect any suspicious behaviour, or any changes in the environments since the last round. Bob is also capable of charging himself should battery levels run low, and even ping personnel, should he get stuck to some furniture. Once a treat is detected Bob sends out a notification to the security officers with its location. Bob is currently being tested by security firm G4S, at their headquarters in Gloucestershire. The creators of this robot will be monitoring it during this 15 day trial, to see how it performs and how they can improve it.
The creators of Bob also created a care robot called Werner, which will be tested at a care home in Austria, and will be able to guard the premises and also play basic games with the residents.