Lookout adds more anti theft features


Ever since launching on iOs and Android, Lookout have offered security features through their application which aim at safeguarding the user’s smartphone and data in case of theft. The Lookout application offered features such as turning on a Siren (to see if the thief is within proximity), Take a photo of the thief using the front facing camera, and wiping all data from the phone remotely.
Today Lookout announced brand new features for their application which aim to detect suspicious activity and warn you to take action before its too late. The application will basically monitor activities such as removing the sim card, activating air-plane mode, or keying in a wrong pin. When this happens the application will send you an email and you are given a GPS location, and the option to lock and wipe the phone.
The application is available as a trial for free till September (for Android), after which all premium features will be available against payment.