Look who build the first premium compact convertible SUV!


Considering how successful Land Rover have been these past couple of years since they started selling the Evoque, it’s no wonder they think they can’t do any wrong in this industry.

The Range Rover Evoque Convertible is a convertible for all seasons. It is a unique combination of design leadership and world-class engineering that adds another dimension to the Range Rover Evoque name, further enhancing its desirability and appeal.

The Evoque is a very, very special car – not just for Land Rover, but for the entire industry. The British pretty much revolutionized the premium compact segment with this thing in terms of how modern, and perhaps even futuristic, an SUV could look 



Z- Folding Roof System:

The acoustic z-folding roof system lets the outside in at the push of a button in just 18 seconds. It can also operate at driving speeds of up to 48km/h


With off-road technologies such as Terrain Response the range rover lives up to the most demanding expectations, off and on road.


The Evoque makes use of InControl Touch Pro, the latest generation infotainment system which takes in-car technology to a whole new level.

Will we see it in Malta? We’re waiting and yes you’ll see it on Gadgets.