Lego Fusion combines physical and digital play


We all remember the good old days, when we used to spend endless hours creating stuff with Legos, and we also remember that one time we stepped on a lego barefoot. Nowadays though, the digital trends have eliminated most physical toys from the market, and younger children are seen flinging birds on a new ipad or smartphone.

Lego, though, do not give up easily, and the company’s Future Lab have unveiled a new system, which brings the fun of building stuff with Legos, and the interaction of a tablet video game.

The research and development section at Lego, discovered that children are not able to differentiate between physical and digital play, for them they only see which one is the most interactive. Lego Fusion married the fun of physical play with three of the leading game genres amongst kids, and came up with fourth different video games, being;

  • Lego Fusion Town Master: You build and manage your own Lego town
  • Lego Fusion Battle Towers: Were you need to build the strongest castle and defend it again enemy attacks.
  • Lego Fusion Create and Race: You build you own car and either race it or take part in a demolition derby.
  • Lego Fusion Resort Designer: Similar to Town Master, but you are allowed to decorate the building from the inside.

Each version of Lego fusion comes with 200 bricks and a capture plate, which assists the augmented reality side of the application. Kids are able to create from basic structures to very complex ones, and the application encourages children to always build more. Once the child captures the building or car with the application, you can save the creation on cloud with your own personal Lego ID, and after you put your bricks away you can still play with your creations digitally. The application also has a social side, allowing different children to communicate with each other and visit each others’ towns, or even race their cars against each other (if allowed by their parents of course).

Each Lego fusion pack will be retailing at $34.99, and will be available from leading toy stores, and internet retailers. Tower master, Battle Towers, and Create & Race will be launching this August, with Resort Designer following them in September.