Kinect Technology for Smartphones


Following the moderate success of the Lumia series, Windows have been hard at work at coming up with a ground-breaking product line to take the franchise to the next level. With so many patented technologies up Microsoft’s sleeve, they certainly have the research and development power to come up with something innovative.
It might just be the case, because it is speculated that the upcoming Lumia (codenamed McLaren) will be the first to introduce 3D touch input. A Kinect-like sensor will be implemented in the phone allowing the user to interact with it via gestures without touching the screen. The phone will also be able to track movement, and it’s position, allowing you to answer the phone by simply lift it to your ear or cover it to mute. The McLaren is reportedly set to hit the shelves this September, and will come inclusive of several third party applications which support 3D touch input as well as a massive camera.