Jaguar unveils Virtual windscreen concept


Jaguar Land Rover has been developing the world’s first Virtual Windscreen, 3D cluster, and gesture control, aimed at reducing driver distraction.

An on-board ‘Smart Assistant’ will be implemented in the vehicle, and will carry out a range of functions to keep the driver’s eyes on the road. This concept transforms a car’s entire windscreen into a virtual heads-up display. The screen displays hazards, speed, and navigational icons,.

The concept’s features include:

  • Virtual cones, which can be displayed on the track, to create a course for driver training.
  • Racing lines, which appear on the wind-shield, marking the apexes of corners, and other optimal racing lines that change colour to indicate when the driver should apply the brakes, just like in Gran Turismo.
  • Ghost car racing, which allows you to improve your lap times, by competing with yourself from an earlier lap.
  • 3D instrument cluster, which uses the latest head and eye-tracking technology, to give drivers a clear picture of their surroundings.
  • The gesture control system that limit the need to look at or feel for buttons to press.The idea is that drivers could simply wave at the gesture-sensor with a range of 15 cm (5.9 in) to operate particular functions.

In the upcoming years we will see this technology implemented in the vehicles, and will include more functions aimed at helping drivers on the road, and not just on the race track.