Is Facebook the new Youtube?


According to Facebook product director Daniel Danker at Vidcon Friday; Facebook will more than ever be focused on the content from Video Creators. With the announcement of the launch of a video creating app, Danker added that it has never been a better time to create video content for Facebook.

Facebook will be aiming this app at their previous “mentions” app audience; also known as “Facebook famous” people who put out a lot of highly engaging content.

The new Facebook app will let you create intros and outros for your content as well as custom stickers, frames and so on. These features are set to also be available to live broadcast creators. The app will also feature a “community” page where creators will be able to connect with their fans on all Facebook’s platforms such as Messenger and Instagram. There will also be a tab within the app where the creator is able to get insights on whom their fans are and some other information on their audience’s demographics such as the platform used to view their content.