Here’s the New iPhone, and We Can’t Believe Our Eyes


We’ve just witnessed the release of OnePlus’ brand new phones OnePlus 8 and OnePlus 8 Pro, and now Apple have released their new phone, although it was much less of an event than their other released, given the current situation. Where journalists are usually gathered in the Steve Jobs Theater, snapping and typing away at whatever’s being shown on stage, they were given a press release instead. This could probably be the reason it’s gone sort of unnoticed by some people.

This new mobile is the iPhone SE. Yes, they DID have a mobile phone with the same exact name, but this time round it’s new and improved, so let’s call it SE 2020 for clarification. And no, Apple still didn’t say what SE stands for, so let’s ignore their naming habits and get straight into the deets.

What’s Not New?

Why is it that I want one – even though I have the better version of the iPhone!? I probably miss the home button that’s why…

Nathan Darmanin, Producer at Vibe FM (and a die-hard apple fan)

It sports a 4.7-inch Retina HD display with Touch ID, and a familiar, compact design. Powered by the Apple-made A13 Bionic to handle whatever you throw at it. A change that we’re not used to seeing on newer phones is that this phone has only a single camera! It’s budget for a reason. It’s also IP67 dust and water resistant, which means it’s still a tough phone. For colors there’s the usual choices: black, white or Product Red (which is a particular red that represents ongoing partnership between Red and major companies, like Apple, Nike, and Starbucks, to raise funds, spread awareness, and eradicate HIV/AIDS in African countries, and now even towards combating COVID-19).

Apple iPhone SE_Black, White and Red Colours

Headphone jack?! Nope. If you want to plug in wired headphones you’ll have to buy an adapter. 

Now what’s the biggest shocker of this new iPhone release? 

The Price

The iPhone SE 2020 prices are as follows, and we couldn’t believe our eyes.

  • 64GB at $399 (around €365)
  • 128GB at $449 (around €410)
  • 256GB at $549 (around €500)

OnePlus hit $999 and Apple hit $399. WHAT’S GOING ON! Apple releases budget phones on occasions, but this year they did it saying it’s to help the situation the world is in; where people are spending less and less. Personally, I think they’ve been planning to release another budget version of their phones, and they simply found the perfect time to do it. I must admit it’s a very powerful device for a very good price, and it’s perfect for those people who do not need all the optional extras they never use, but still want an Apple phone at a good price.

Ian Busuttil Naudi, Gadgets’ Presenter

Yes, you can get an iPhone for as little as €365 now! Yes, of course it’s nothing nearly as powerful as other phones on the market and their top-tier iPhone 11, but if you want to take a dip in the Apple pool if you haven’t before, then this is your safest bet.

Photo captured with iPhone SE

Gadgets feels like we’ve entered some sort of alternate timeline, because OnePlus’s new releases have reached the $999 mark, whilst iPhone’s new phone is €365! There was a point where this was literally the other way around, so it’s quite ironic that we’re now seeing a new Apple product that’s much cheaper than a new Android. But the price isn’t everything. Will the iPhone SE 2020 amaze us, or will it just be a simple budget phone?