iPhone charger with built-in battery


For those of you out there who’s iPhone’s battery runs out constantly, fear not; a new gadget has arrived. Nomad have created an external battery pack which also doubles as a wall charger, making it a less cumbersome device to carry around.

The concept is simple really; The official iPhone charger slides into the NomadPlus battery pack, and when plugged into the wall socked, the internal battery will charge, and should you need to charge your iPhone (or any low voltage USB device) during the process, you simply plug in your USB.

Technically there are similar devices which can replicate this system, but this is the cheapest, least cumbersome, and most efficient option on the market, using the official iPhone adaptor.

The NomadPlus will be retailing for $39 (29euros), and will be hitting the shelves this November.