iOS 11 Beta Release


Yesterday, Apple released the public beta version for iOS 11, for free – no need for a $99 a year developer’s account. Apple plans to release iOS 11 final version this coming Autumn but until then Apple plans to release more public betas in order to streamline their OS for optimal performance and efficiency. 
Many developers can tell you a story about an iPhone that simply won’t boot up after installing a beta version; and so we advise our readers not to install this beta version on their main/primary iPhone or iDevice.


With iOS 11 you can now drag and drop files and app icons to open new apps. You can also work with multiple apps at once and more.

It is now possible to now send money within Messages via Apple Pay, the photos app is also newly revamped. Apple is also working on ARkit and Core ML under the hood to make it easier to turn your iPhone’s camera into a VR device. Siri has also been updated with more realistic male and female voices that are designed to more closely mimic natural human speech for better pronunciation.

Apple are implementing a “Files” app that is made to mimic the “finder” app within Mac OS.

One of many people’s favourite feature is the fact that now Apple have decided to make you more aware of the fact that an app is using your location, this might help with the anxiety of feeling like you are always being tracked/watched by your device; especially after Snapchat released Snapmaps.