Internet Firsts that changed everything


There is a first time for everything, managing to ride a bike on your own, swimming and even walking. With regards to the internet; there is also a first time for everything. Below, we have compiled the greatest internet firsts, some of which have remained iconic.

  1. The first photo EVER uploaded to the internet
  2. The first SPAM email
    The Spam email was sent to over 390 people on May 3rd 1978 by ARPANET.
  3. The first photo uploaded to Instagram.
    To prove truly how early this was, the user’s name was Kevin, literally just Kevin.
  4. The first ad banner popup:
    Took place somewhere in October of 1994 on the website; the banner is part of an AT&T advertisement.
  5. The first email ever sent
    In 1971, Ray Tomlinson sent an email (or a couple) to himself from one machine to the other. Tomlinson said that the first email was nothing more iconic than the combination “qwertyuiop”.
  6. The first Facebook profile
    By none other than Mark Zuckerberg. Little did he know that 5 years later will he be leading the greatest social networking website up the ranks and earning billions.
  7. The first online multiplayer game:
    A long time before World of Warcraft, there was Multi-User Dungeon; which is the oldest virtual world in existence. Created in 1978 by Roy Trubshaw.
  8. The first VOIP (like Skype) sentence
    As expected, in April 2003; a member of the development team asked whether the other end of the call could hear him.