Instagram’s Hyperlapse


Shooting a video from a smartphone, that appears smooth and stable, is easier said than done. Shooting a time lapse that is smooth and stable from a smart phone is even harder. But this is where Instagram’s standalone stabilization app comes in. Hyperlapse uses the latest technology available, which allows it to stabilize video footage, tricking viewers into thinking that the video was shot off a tripod, or with an extra stable hand.

This feature outperforms native lens stabilization systems found in cameras and smartphones, and even out performs Adobe’s Warp feature, which has been long hailed as an ultimate video stabilization tool.

Below you can see the system first hand, comparing footage side by side with Adobe’s warp, and native videos. Playback speeds can be set from 1x up to 12x, with the default set on 6x. Instagram will only allow videos 15 seconds long to be shared on that platform, so keep that in mind when creating your first time lapse.

Hyperlapse is available to download now from itunes, and is only available on iPhone and iPad. Hyperlapse will not be available on Android until Google make the necessary changes to the platform.

An Instagram spokes man stated;

“Android is an important platform for us, so we really want to bring Hyperlapse to it, unfortunately, the requisite APIs are not currently available on Android. More specifically, low-level APIs to access the gyroscope and camera frames.”