Instagram Will Now Tell You When You’ve Scrolled For Too Long

Instagram tells you when you've spent too much time

We have all gone through our Instagram feed multiple times to find that we have seen EVERY post on our feed, only to refresh and scroll through it again. If nothing new pops up, head to explore. Once you’ve seen everything on the explore page it’s time to refresh in case any of your friends uploaded a new story. Now that, that is done and you have nothing new to see, it’s time to head over to Facebook

All this is done without realising truly how much time we spend on Instagram every day. Due to this problem, Instagram is taking it into their own hands to bring a new feature to users.

“You’re all caught up”

This new feature from Instagram will display a message saying “You’re all caught up” when you have seen everything there is to see in your feed.

Instagram you're all caught up

The aim of this is to stop this so-called zombie browsing and might encourage you to get up and do something more productive with your timeOn top of this, Instagram will also be releasing a new feature that gives you usage insights that will show you how much time you spend on the app.

Instagram usage insights

Facebook first started this movement when Zuckerberg took up the challenge to limit the number of posts seen in the newsfeed from businesses and brands and focus your newsfeed more on the interaction between family and friends.

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