How to SAVE battery on your iPhone


We all know that after a while the iPhone’s battery life starts to decrease rapidly as new software is installed and as the device gets older.

STOP iPhone Charging more than once a day

This is how you can avoid charging your phone twice a day:
Turn off Background app Refresh: Head to settings – general – background app refresh and disable the feature.
This prevents your phone from automatically updating apps that you use most often to be ready for you when you open the app.


Turn on Auto-Brightness: Head to settings – display & brightness and move the Auto-Brightness slider to on.
This might seem extremely obvious to some BUT you will be surprised by the difference that you may see in battery life for your iPhone.

Stop Motion & animations: Head to settings – general – accessibility – reduce motion – move slider to green.
This feature was introduced in iOS7, the feature is extremely subtle but effective. If you move your icon and watch the app icon and background images they may appear to move slightly, this is called the parallax effect.

Find out what is draining your battery: Head to settings – tap battery; here you will have a detailed analysis of the apps and battery drained due to the apps.

Turn off Location settings: Head to settings – privacy – location services – turn off.
This will disallow your phone to know where you are and give you exact driving directions which can be given to other apps to help find restaurants, pubs, etc. nearby.

Turn off Dynamic Backgrounds: Wallpaper & Backgrounds – don’t select dynamic background. 
Released in iOS 8, animated wallpapers are made to move underneath your app icons.

Fetch email less often: Head to settings – mail – accounts – fetch new data – choose your preference. This will cause your phone to check your email accounts less often.

Turn off Airdrop Unless Used: Control center – tap airdrop – tap receiving off. This will turn off the wireless file sharing service Apple introduced.