Honeywell unveils Smart Lyric Thermostat


Summer is coming, and Smart Lyric Thermostat is arriving in time to keep us refreshed!

Lyric takes minimalist cues from Nest, with a round console that is dominated by a display. The whole round unit is a dial for physically adjusting the temperature setting. There’s also the Lyric iOS and Android app, for changing the temperature remotely with your smartphone or tablet.

In addition to this, using Gps Geofencing, the system can track your location and heat up or cool down your house before you get home from work, or turn down the heat automatically when you leave in the morning.

All of the smartphones in the household can be paired with the thermostat, so the heating or cooling doesn’t go awry when one person steps away. If you have multiple zones in your house, you can install multiple thermostats, and pair them together in the same application.

This thermostat brings innovation by being able to be in sync with your preferences, and creating a more comfortable home to live in.