Hologram capable Smartphones in 2015


Star-wars like Holographic 3D projections from smartphones will be a reality in 2015, that’s according to display technology developer Ostendo Technologies.

The Californian based company has blown the public away with their tic-tac sized projectors which deliver stunning and crisp 5000ppi images and are powered by a single tiny chip. A cluster of these chips will be able to handle more complex images, and are still small enough to be implemented in a smartphone. The first version of this display technology will be able to display a 2D image across a 48″ display, and will be rolling out in Summer 2015. An upgraded version capable of full 3D holographic projection will roll out soon after, says Ostendo.

This technology will be rivalling Facebook’s Oculus Rift, which works thanks to its head mount, and will be also going head to head with Microsoft and HP who are also working on similar projects. The company aims to also bring this technology to devices such as TVs, finally bringing proper glasses free 3DTVs capable of rendering solid and realistic graphics in thin air.