Hitchhiking Robot to cross Canada


McMaster University have created the first Hitchhiking robot, which will be trying to cross Canada from coast to coast with the help of kind strangers. The robot is very simplistic in design, and has only one moving part; an arm, which it uses to signal drivers. Hitchbot is equipped with solar panels for charging, cameras, speakers, 3G internet connectivity, and GPS. The robot will be taking photos of any driver taking him for a ride, and will post them on social media websites, alongside all tracking information. Strangers can also feel free to take Hitchbot with them home to present it to other family members or friends, should they want to be part of it’s story. Hitchbot has voice recognition capabilities, and will be able to have a conversation with the driver using Wikipedia as a source of information, or even instruct the driver to plug him into the car’s cigarette lighter for charging.
This social experiment puts to test if humans trust robots and if robots should trust humans. Hitchbot’s adventure will go live at the end of July, and the whole world will be able to follow the road trip, and see if the bot will ever make it to the finish line.