This Helmet Could Save your Life


It is very common for bikers to be the victims of a distracted driver who hits the unaware rider, and possibly even killing them. During this year’s Augmented World expo, Fusar Technologies’ CEO unveiled a smart helmet prototype, called Guardian, which will reduce the number of such accidents and hopefully save lives.
The Helmet uses two wide-angle lens cameras, an Android powered main board, and parts from Epson’s Android Eyewear, the Moverio. The Moverio will feed the rider data recorded passively from the cameras, which give the user full awareness of what is happening around them in real time. The HUD will display the view from the rear camera and also the travel velocity, and navigation. The system also serves as a black-box for the rider in case of an accident, by saving the footage in the memory once an accident is detected by the system.

This prototype is still in the early development stages, but Founder of Fusar, Ryan Sherman stated that should the project be funded, the final product will feature voice control as well as an accident prevention system, which warns the rider of potential danger, before an accident occurs. Fusar Technologies are set to put the project up on crowd-funding website Kickstarter mid July hoping they can get as many investors as possible.

Introducing the GUARDIAN, the world’s smartest motorcycle helmet. from FUSAR Technologies on Vimeo.