GoPro Hero 4 announced


As expected, action camera leading developer, GoPro, have finally announced the next iteration of the Hero line, the GoPro Hero 4. Like always there are three different versions of the camera, The Hero ($130), the Hero 4 Silver ($400), and the Hero 4 Black ($500); with the latter as the dominant model of the line.

The most important feature of the Hero Black 4, is the ability to film 4K video at 30 frames per second (also 1080p at 120fps), which is miles better that the 15fps featured on the Hero 3+. The processor has been tweaked, boasting a better performance, in terms of image quality, sharpness, and detail. Quality in low light environments has been drastically improved,  and you have a variety of modes you can capture films at night, to have the best possible output.


The audio aspect of the camera has been improved also, with the brand claiming that the microphone is more sensitive, with double the dynamic range; providing smoother and more natural sounds to be captured.

Both the Black and Silver models are waterproof up to 40m of depth, and are capable of capturing time-lapse images at a 30fps burst. The Protune feature also allows users to manually manage the ISO, exposure, sharpness, and other settings, as well as directly tag the best moments in the clips you film. Wireless communication with a tablet or smartphone is now available via WiFi as well as bluetooth.

The Silver edition caps out at 1080p at 60fps with a 12MP image resolution, whilst the Hero edition (the entry level model), caps out at 1080p at 30fps with a 5MP image resolution.  The Silver edition also features a built in Touch display, allowing you to access all menus, as well as see the image you capture in real time.


The full Range of GoPro Hero 4 will be available this October the 5th, and will come in various bundles, for surf, or music lovers alike. For more information check out the GoPro website to compare specs.