Google taking over Space


The web Giant Google is planning to launch 180 low orbiting satellites with the single goal of increasing internet access in poorer areas around the world. Google is investing roughly one billion dollars for this ambitious plan.

Google have been very active in developing new way how to deliver internet connectivity following their success with Google Fibre. Google’s Project Loon for example provides broadband service to remote parts of the world with the help of high-altitude balloons, and similarly, solar-powered drones are being developed by Google-owned Titan Aerospace to deliver internet from the skies.
Their direct competitors to Google is Facebook, which plans to use drones, satellites, and lasers to deliver basic internet access around the world.
Facebook purchased solar-powered drone designer, Ascenta, as part of its initiative, which aims to “beam internet to people from the sky.”

Will Google conquer space or will Facebook beat them?