Google takes on Facebook


Google is taking on Facebook in the news feed world on the internet. Your search history is data valuable enough to create a timeline based on your internet searches, as private as you might sometimes want them to be.
(tip: CTRL + SHIFT + N) 

The content is not shared from friends like Facebook but is shared from news-stories Googlethinks’ will interest you. This news feed will be shown within the Google app, launched for the Google Pixel and eventually you will be seeing a news feed provided by Google on

Even though the newsfeed looks like it hasn’t changed since you first saw a news-feed within Google; Google assures us that the technology and algorithms behind it are so much smarter than before.

A company spokesperson also said that some searches based around religion and sexual orientation will not be included in the feed.

Google is releasing the feature to browsers this year and will also be releasing the feed to some android devices and other devices.