Google I/O 2016 – 10 biggest announcements!


Google’s annual developer conference is one of the most exclusive must-attend events on the Android calendar. Here are our top 5 announcement from this years edition:


Google is making a new AI based messenger called Allo. Besides the usual chat based features we’re used to such as emojis, stickers, sending of files/photos etc Allo features a Google Assistant. users will be able to call on the Assistant for information and automatically generated replies.


Google Home

The home assistant Google home was announced. This small speaker listenens to commands constantly and offers a variety of services such as Home is built on the Chromecast standard, which lets it push media to other Cast-compatible speakers and screens, change temperature or lighting through Nest devices, and integrate with services like Spotify.


Running apps without downloading them

This new system allows users to run applications without actually downloading the whole app. This is called Android apps. In the demo, when you click on a BuzzFeed link, Google Play grabs the parts of the BuzzFeed app it needs, and plays a video.


Google’s new VR platform: Daydream

Google now has a mobile virtual reality platform called Daydream, and it’s built on top of Android N. That means it’s not going to compete with the likes of the PC-powered HTC Vive or Oculus Rift (at least not yet, anyway), but looks much more powerful than Cardboard and represents a huge step in the push to advance VR out of its early stages.



Google followed up its announcement of Allo with another app called Duo. It’s a video chatting app that, much like how Apple splits up iMessage and FaceTime, exists separately and is completely dedicated to a video-only experience.


Watch the FULL Google I/O 2016 keynote: