Does Google Know More About You Than Facebook?!


After the whole Facebook Cambridge Analytica scandal broke, users seem to be gaining more interest in who has information on them, like Google and Twitter.

Google, in particular, is another huge player in the data game, if not the biggest of them all.

I found this out when downloading all the information Facebook has that belongs to me and comparing it to the data Google has about me. Google’s file was over 5GB whereas Facebook’s file was under 1GB of data. I repeat: Google has 5GB of data about me. That is a shit ton of data. If you’re ready for the biggest reality check of your life, keep reading.

Google knows what you like

Want to find out what Google thinks you like and don’t like? Hint: It’s insanely accurate. For the brave, head here. This is data collected for Google ads personalisation, to send you those super targeted ads across the internet based on Google’s detailed persona of you. 


Google knows what you have done

Google even stores all activities that you have carried out on your phone or any Google connected device. We’re talking about the minute details like how many times you opened Whatsapp in the last 10 minutes (4 times to be exact).

Here’s one that throughly left me creeped. Google even stores the voice notes recorded when using Google Assistant.

Even if you delete your search history on your phone, Google still stores everything until you go in and delete everything on all devices.


Google knows where you have been

Google stores your location (if you have location settings turned on), every time you turn on your phone. You can even see a timeline from the first day you connected your phone with Google. You even get a map that visually shows you (using red dots) where you have been on a map of the world.


Every video you have ever watched on YouTube

Google stores ALL of your Youtube history, this means that they know you are looking into styling your hair differently or if you are expecting a baby soon. Want to see your history then find out from here.


Ready to download the whole file?

Disclaimer: REMAIN CALM
Download everything that Google knows about you and has ever known about you by download your file here.

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