Goodbye Training Wheels


The Jyrobike is an innovative training aid, aimed at providing kids proper training to learn how to ride a bike. This bike is able to stabilize itself even if the novice rider is about to tip over. Contrary to training wheels, the Jyrobike will be a more authentic means for providing training to master balance by providing a force feedback as the he is about to fall.
But how does it work? It’s simple really; At high speeds a bike is inherently more stable thanks to the strong gyroscopic force. With this rule in mind the team installed a disk spinning at high speed within the front wheel, and the resulting gyroscopic force created by this disk keeps the bike stable even when the physical speed is low (which is when the rider needs help). Gyros in helicopters and space crafts use the same principle and are the main tools with help them remain stable in the air.
This Jyrobike will promote more confidence in learning children and eliminate the fear of falling and injury.

This invention is yet another project seeking investment on the crowd-funding website Kickstarter.