The Gadgets Zombie Survival Guide: Chapter 1


Zombies have been Hollywood’s favourite movie theme for some time now, and it’s not uncommon for us, the viewers, to fantasize how we would survive such a catastrophe. Being a small island though has its limitations, and thus the need for a Maltese Zombie Survival Guide.

In the Gadgets Zombie Survival Guide, I will be giving you a brief orientation of what you need to do, in case a zombie outbreak hits Malta.



Let’s start with the first chapter;

With so many survival gadgets on the market, what items would you need, if disaster strikes our lonely island?


Goal zero Crank LED Flashlight:

Once disaster strikes, the electrical grid will go offline, hence the need of a reliable flashlight. But you can’t use a conventional one; once the buildings, and streets will start to decay, and most of the shops have been looted, you will eventually run out of batteries. This is why you would be better off using a Goal Zero crank LED flashlight, which is charged mechanically, or via solar power.

The Lifesaver 4000UF

As humans we cannot survive without water. We might go by for some time without food, but in our climate, we wouldn’t be able to survive a single day without water. With the chaos, and destruction, bottled water will be hard to find. The Lifesaver 4000UF is one clever bottle, which has a filtration system that kills 99.9999% of bacteria and viruses, in dirty water. It doesn’t take up much space, so it is a great addition to your gear.

Permanent Match

The most basic element, needed for warmth and for cooking the catch of the day; fire. For those of you not practical enough to light a fire without help, this gadget is small enough to carry around, is waterproof, and will help you start a 10,000 fires.

Casio Pathfinder Watch:

Roaming in the dark in the zombie infested streets, is dangerous. This is why you always need to take notice of the time. The Casio pathfinder watches are not only very rugged and waterproof, but they charge their batteries thanks to solar energy. You also have a compass, Alto-meter, barometer, and a thermometer.

Adventurer Crank Radio/Flashlight:

When the Walkers take over, having a radio is the last thing on someone’s mind. It is true that you don’t want to attract attention, however you need access to emergency broadcasts. If a rescue operation is under way, or there is a safe-haven provided, radio transmissions is the only way to deliver an announcement. This is why the adventurer is here on the list. It is solar powered, and also crank powered. It also features a flashlight and USB phone charger (even though the phone lines will be offline). I would only use this device for it’s radio features, and not as a flashlight; mainly because its cumbersome compared to the crank flashlight, and you might hit a button and attract the undead’s attention.

Solar rechargeable Lantern

Just a flashlight won’t do when darkness has fallen, and you are in your safe house. This is why it is essential to have a solar powered lantern, which will provide the necessary lighting when in need. But don’t forget that too much light will attract the undead, so use only when needed.

The Power Pot V

At some point or another you have to cook and eat something, to keep your energy levels high. It might be a cat, a rat, or maybe some stuff you looted from a supermarket. But why use a regular pot, when you can use the Power pot V? This clever device will generate electricity (powering any usb device) whilst its heating your grub.

The Leatherman

The one name that pops to mind when mentioning a multi-tool gadget. Whatever the situation, the Leatherman will always come in handy. It can also offer a last minute weapon against walkers, so keep that in mind.

Pocket Chainsaw

When you will eventually start depending on fires to cook, and keep warm in cold winter nights, you will be needing something tough and silent to help you cut tree branches, to fuel your fire. This is were the pocket chainsaw comes in. Don’t let you imagination run wild, this chain saw is operated by mechanical power, and is small enough to carry around, hence the name.

Bonus Conceptual Gadget 

Puri disalinating Water Bottle:

Malta and Gozo, are surrounded by salt water, which albeit unsuitable for drinking, can be transformed to drinkable water thanks to the reverse osmosis. When the undead over-run the Maltese, this plant will seize to operate. Is there a gadget which can replicate this system, without being huge or depend on electricity? No, but there is a gadget concept called the Puri water bottle. This regular looking water bottle houses a small pumping system similar to the reverse osmosis system, removing salts and bacteria from the sea water. This is still in the early stages of development, hence the reason for not including it in the above list, but it might be available in the near future, just before the outbreak.