Inventions that were meant to fail….but didn’t


Every so often, us humans come up with an invention that leaves the rest of us wondering, WHY would we use this? This has been the case many times in the last 10 years with extremely advanced yet strange gadgets coming to the surface. Although what we think might initially stupid; this might only be the case because we do not share the same vision as the company producing it.

  1. The Phablet
    Basically a class of mobile phones which changed the game in terms of size. With the idea that bigger is better; and it has proven to be true with the majority of phones being released in the last two years featuring at least a 5.5 inch screen.
  2. iPod
    The initial idea was of a portable media player designed by Apple. After the introduction of the iPod; which featured navigation using only a click wheel, many advancements were to come. Such as the introduction of a bigger display and touch screen. These devices were quickly turned from portable media devices to what we know nowadays as a smartphone excluding the calling and texting capabilities.
  3. Nintendo Switch
    Considered by Nintendo as a hybrid console, it was designed primarily as a home console. Although removing it from it’s dock it can also be used as a portable gaming console through the LCD touchscreen.
  4. iPad
    The first generation iPad was marketed as a tablet computer designed by Apple. The release of the iPad truly changed the game, in all markets; rather than its own only. Companies started introducing more tablet computers that didn’t feature a physical keyboard but rather a touchscreen keyboard. iPads have come a long way and it is difficult to go to University without seeing at least 5 in your class. (Along with all the other Macbooks)
  5. Smart Speakers – Amazon Echo
    When smart speakers, like the Amazon Echo were released, loads of people were left wondering; why do I need this? A smart speaker is a type of wireless device that is navigated through the use of voice commands and aims to make your home smarter and life simpler. Initially it was used to play music through online platforms being commanded by voice although nowadays, smart speakers have advanced and can do so much more than simply just play music.
  6. Bitcoin
    Perhaps the most current of all the products and services that were supposed to fail. In around April 2013, one bitcoin was valued at around 40 euro. In the last two months we have seen the value of bitcoin grow from around 4000 euro to around 7000 euro. Cryptocurrency could be the future of payments as we know them.