Gadgets Flight Checklist


Whilst many of us love travelling to foreign shores, most of us no longer consider the journey to be a part of the holiday. I remember back when I was a child, travelling was something you did once a year and then only if you were lucky, the plane ride was part of the thrill, the takeoff and landing moments both filled with that sense of anticipation for something new and unknown. Plus we were on a plane – that was like so cool right?

Fast forward to the modern day world and the truth is, nowadays many of us travel so often that riding a plane is like riding a bus with a lot more discomfort thrown in. Planes have made economical changes, leg space has been reduced, comforts have been reduced and the pleasures have almost gone. So it’s now up to us, the passengers to create our own comfort and distractions. That’s where our handy gadgets come in. The most obvious one is of course the tablet. Tablets are great during plane rides – they’re smaller than laptops, designed to be portable and fit in the front compartments of hand baggage with the power to offer unlimited fun and games. They can transform themselves into movie screens, gaming consoles, books and if the plane provides, your internet browser.

samsung tablelt

The next gadget is a ebook reader – yes I know I just said the tablet can provide that but the truth is a dedicated ebook reader device is a lot kinder to the eyes. The great thing about travelling with an ebook reader is that you can take up an unlimited book supply – without infringing on that precious space.

ebook reader

The next thing is a noise cancelling pair of headphones – that crying baby – gone in an instant.
Not advisable if said baby is your baby – you might incite a riot.

noise cancelling headphones

Not exactly a gadget – a neck pillow is a good investment for travelling during the night. There are inflatable ones if space is again an issue although most people just dangle one from their hand baggage, it becomes a part of you on the plane so there’s really no need for it to ‘take up space’ so to speak.

Neck Pillow