The Gadgets Chronicles: IFA Edition


JBL familiarise the world with “Smart Audio”, while Ian gets whisked away at Bosch – A normal Sunday at the IFA Fair.

07:00 – Bonġu Everyone! Isn’t it nice to get an extra half hour of sleep?

09:00 – We’re making our way to the fair. It’s the first genuinely cold day we’ve experienced since we’ve been here. And it’s raining too. An umbrella would be ideal right about now!

10:00 – We get to the fair. We kick off the day at the Harman stand.

“Smart” seems to be the way of 2015. And Harman are seemingly pioneering on what has recently been dubbed ‘Smart Audio’. We check out the new JBL headphones. Bluetooth 4.1. Active Noise Cancelling Technology which lets you control the amount of outside noise you let it. Crisp sound. We are definitely on board with the little gem.

jbl web

Up next is their new splash proof, waterproof portable speakers and the new boost TV mini sound bar. As always JBL have kept on the trademark of good sound quality and colourful innovative products


12:00 – We moved to an air purifier system. It’s not a usual gadget for Gadgets to be checking out, but the technology is fascinating – and you never know when you might need to purify some air. So we decided it’s best to stay in-the-know!

13:00 – After a small break, we headed to Bosch. We are briefed about the latest innovative technology in laundry, induction ovens and fridges. Ian loves domestic technology and it shows… Let’s just say he got a little carried away!

By far the most remarkable thing we came across is their briefing of the improved Home Connected App, released later this year on Google Play Store and Apple App Store. Users will be able to turn off any appliance connected to the app, receive notifications from the washing machine or dishwasher.

18:00 – We left the fair and its rush hour. This is why we left earlier yesterday. We have to wait a bit to catch the train back to the hotel, but at least it’s not raining anymore! 😉

19:15 – We’re back at the hotel and prepping for dinner. Fast food has been banned for the evening. It’s Sunday, and we have another two rushed days ahead induced with cheese burgers and sausages!

Pedometer reading for today indicates another, 21KM!