The Gadgets Chronicles: IFA Edition


A Very Smart Saturday: Watches, Tooth Brushes… And Fast Food for good measure.

06:30 – Woke up to the usual routine. Up and Adam. Shower, teeth, breakfast and head out to the third day of IFA2015. We are getting used to it now 😉

10:00 – Got to the fair. The grounds scream “Saturday”. The foot-traffic is insane! Think Oxford Street on a Sunday, but lots of tech and lots of German speakers.


10:30 – We’ve barely digested our toast, and Ian had already managed to get his hands on Samsung’s new gear s2. Another exclusive review for Gadgets.


11:00 – We stop for a quick pick-me-up. We’ve been going at it pretty hard, so energy drink have become our friend.


11:30 – After a quick refuel, it’s time to see what Grundig is presenting this year. Seas of stainless steel and themes of white, the Grundig appliances being shown off this year have a classically modern look (yes, i noticed the irony too) to them that admittedly leave quite a lasting impression.

12:00 – We hit the Philips stand and Ian washed his teeth (again) testing out the new Philips Sonicare Diamond. A next-gen electric tooth brush that claims to be a new revolution in oral care. This year Philips are using the IFA fair to focus heavily on introducing their personal health programmes. Among the health measurement devices are: the Philips health watch (a smart watch that measures everything from heart rates to sleeping patterns); the Philips upper arm blood pressure monitor; the Philips wrist blood pressure monitor; the Philips body analysis scale; and the Philips ear thermometer.


13:00 – The Sony stand. We head directly to the Sony Xperia Z5 stand! This year they have launched 3 phones in its range – the Z5, Z5 Premium and the Z5 Compact. The Z5 Premium is the first 4K smartphone, ever. There’s no denying that the design of these new phones is beyond anything we’ve ever come across, but we won’t go into how unnecessary a display resolution of 3840×2160 (yes, 4K) is for a mobile phone.


13:30 – The LG Stand. Another tech company another smartwatch. We did warn you in our earlier posts that smartwatches are dominating the gadgets scene this year right?! Just checking. The LG Watch Urbane Luxe (yes, a bit of a mouthful) has established itself as an IFA favourite this year. Not remotely close to Samsung’s Gear S2, but enough to have its own hype.

14:15 – Lunch time. And its sausages and chips again for us. While we’re eating we go over notes and realised we have crossed off quite a large chunk of stands already. Ian has officially become the map guru for IFA2015. Essentially we’ve covered around 75% of the fair already.

17:00 – Back to the station. We decided to head home a little earlier. Filming equipment and an insanely busy rush-hour don’t go well together!

18:00 – On our way back home Ian decided to pop into a gadget store for some shopping. Boys will be boys after all.

19:00 – Fried chicken for dinner. Yep, the Gadgets team has seemingly embraced the art of fast food! ☺

20:30 – Back to the hotel. We go through the footage from the day. We can’t wait to show it to you guys! We have some amazing features for you 🙂

22:30 – We’re planning our day for tomorrow. Alarms are set for 7am. The boys are pleased by this development.

Pedometer reading for today – 19.5Km. It’s safe to say we could have crossed the entire Maltese islands in the first three days alone.