The Gadgets Chronicles: IFA Edition


A Maltese presenter, a robo-rep and a red-haired lady walk into an expo…

06:30 – Alarms went off. Sam was a bit of a nightmare to get out of bed this morning (excuse the pun). Too much Scandal last night methinks.

08:30 – Heading to the station. Today is the first day of the fair for the general public. Things are about to get crazy, so we thought it was best to get there earlier than most.

09:00 – We started filming features. We sat down for around 10 minutes to plan the day and the stands we planned for the day. 

Some of the stands we visited were Haier, Huawei, Whitings, Gaming stands, Panasonic and Hisense. Also we saw an interesting thermal imaging infrared camera that connects to the smartphone as an external camera as well as a security camera that connects to any bulb socket you have at home with less than a minute of installation time.


By far the highlight of the day was our visiting the first Artificial Intelligence stand. The stand itself was completely unmanned and the representatives were all in a form of robots… we literally cannot stress how cool this was!


13:30 – Sam and I had to give in to Ian’s recommendations of the lunch menu. We ended up ordering a sausage with curry sauce. Yes, you read that correctly. But he made it easy to trust him. After all it is his 5th time at IFA!

By now, it’s safe to say that for the second consecutive year, smart watches remain common to several companies. Weather they are used to simply tell time, as an extension to the smartphone, as a fitness tracker kind of some sort, or (as seen yesterday with Samsung) able to integrate with certain cars, the different functionalities of the smart watch have proven their versatility. And it is evidentially apparent at IFA2015 they many industry leaders are doing what they can to capitalise on this product while it’s still trending. Apart from this, Ian managed once again to take a selfie photo with the IFA GIRL 🙂


Apart from the 360 degrees action camera we also reviewed Oxbord, a follow up to the Segway technology, which you will see in the coming months on Gadgets.


18:00 – Its already time to leave. I have no clue where the day is going. But, by the end of the day we managed to cover all the stands we had planned.

19:30 – Dinner has been decided at the station… And apparently the boys have decided we are having a pizza hut and burger king combo.

20:00 – With a full tummy, Ian is now a happy boy. With Sam successfully managing to keep to his traditions while abroad, it was only fair for Ian employs some of his. And with that, he pops into a Dunkin’ Donuts store. Two minutes later he is walking out with a half dozen box, which didn’t even last the entire walk back to the hotel


20:30 – Pedometer check: 17.8km. Which would have been a bigger success if we didn’t all just load up on a week’s worth of carbs!

23:00 – Lights out! Tomorrow is another jam packed day for the gadgets crew. Check out the gadgets site and Facebook to see what we’ve gotten up to 🙂

Until Then Gadgeteers…!