From 3-Month Internship To 1-Year Work Experience: How Gadgets Gets You Work-Ready For The Real World


Internships are one of the best ways of getting that work experience before actually starting work, and while most companies will claim to offer the best setups for you to get the best out of your time there, here at Gadgets we let others do the talking. In this case, that would be Antoine who worked as a video editor.

From three months to a year

What had originally started out as a three-month summer internship resulted in a one-year work experience for Antoine. That’s right, if you’re good enough and there are plenty of reasons to stay, we’re happy to extend the experience for as long as necessary. But enough from us; take it from Antoine about how working with Gadgets proved to be a positive experience.

“One thing I’ll definitely remember is the first time entering the Gadgets studio, which I remember seeing on television as a kid and then actually getting to work on the program myself”. Having joined as a videographer and video editor, his work was certainly cut out for him, with plenty to do and time being of the essence. “The biggest challenge,” he explains, “was working under a time constraint and learning how to deliver a product within a limited time frame”.

The most important part though is that it’s helping him even beyond Gadgets. “Throughout my time with Gadgets, I learned multiple editing and filming techniques which so far have been helping me real good in my professional life!” Because that’s the thing about interning with us; we’re happy to trust you and your skills and we’re even happier to see you grow with us.

So, if you’re looking for an internship, whether that’s in social media, content and video creation and/or editing, design or whatever floats your boat, get in touch, let’s talk and see what we can cook up!

Watch the full clip below!