Free Wi-Fi on Malta’s Buses is Coming


Let’s be honest, no one likes catching buses. Waiting for the bus for over half an hour only to enter a bus that is overflowing with people who are all up in your personal space can actually make or break your day. The local bus system in Malta, Tallinja, are trying out a new initiative to make riding the bus more enjoyable: FREE WIFI.

At a press conference held outside Junior College, Tallinja have announced they are trying the new initiative on 50 vehicles.

free wi-fi on public buses coming to malta

As part of the pilot project run by Malta Public Transport and Transport Malta, free Wi-Fi will be available over the next three months on these 50 select buses.

If all goes well, we could see Wi-Fi being introduced to all buses in Malta and Gozo.

The system is going to be implemented on both the 9 and 12 metre models of buses, on a variety of different routes for the test. The WiFi system for the buses is being provided by HandsOn Systems Limited using the GO network.

Users can send feedback on the service to

Do you think we need Wi-Fi on public buses or is it an unnecessary extra?