Fire Knock Out


A burning car, petrol, explosions; we are not into an action movie but we are actually at the demonstration of new gadget: Fire Knock out, the revolutionary fire fighting agent.
Fire Knock Out was designed to fight fire in seconds. The device can be used in active way when a fire occurs in a non-protected area. It is thrown or rolled (in a controlled manner) into the flames and it will activate by itself without the need of any human intervention. It fights a fire in a short time and reduces the risk of a fire expanding and causing greater damage.
The Fire Knock Out can be used in passive way: it is mounted near a hazardous area in which a fire may occur. If a fire occurs the FKO then detects a fire by itself and extinguishes without any manual support.
During the demonstration we saw a fireman adding Petrol in a metallic tank containing the Fire Knock Out device. The flames quickly burned and suddenly an explosion takes place. A puff of smoke, and the fire burns out immediately.
F.K.O. 1 Fire 0. Due to the sheer energy released by this F.K.O.’s activation, the container splits open. The high force helps vaporize the extinguishing agent that is in contact with the burning surface which in turn forms steam, and dissipates the oxygen. The mist cools off the surface and leaves behind a fire retardant layer which helps minimize the risk of a fire re-ignition.
The Fireman give us another demonstration and this time we have a burning car. The temperature rises fast, but the Fire Knock Out activates in a matter of seconds, extinguishing the fire in a flash.

Another victory against the fire! Check out the Fire Knock Out Feature next week, here on the Gadgets Website.

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