Facebook Phone?


Facebook could be working towards manufacturing a mobile phone. But not like any phone you have ever owned. Facebook recently acquired a patent for ‘modular electromechanical device’ that includes a speaker, microphone, GPS and might also function as a phone.

This device will allow you to switch out specific modular parts. This could be in aim of working towards less waste when it comes to electrical components. The parts will be 3D printed and will attach to the main body of the phone.

Facebook’s patent

This is similar to a project that Google were previously working on, named “Project Ara” which came to an abrupt end last year.

If this project by Facebook goes through, from a consumer point of view this will be saving them loads of money. This is because some components that are viewed as “outdated” are not useless. This will completely change the product lifecycle of a phone. It is still unclear on whether this will be a mobile phone but there is also a possibility of the device being used for high-tech cameras or machine learning.