Experience Malta through the Google Street View!


You might have seen the Google maps car on our island a few weeks ago and wondered what was its purpose.


Google’s “street view” is a game changing feature put forward by Google Maps. It is different to the usual Google maps “Satellite view” as this gives you the chance to check out the exterior and oftentimes interior of your desired location. You are even able to look at Street View photographs taken inside supported shops & restaurants and it is now available locally. 

This works by rather than using live-feed, a 360° view of the locations is created with the use of Google Street View cars strapped with a 360° camera.

Simply press the yellow stickman icon on the bottom right of Google maps to reveal the routes through which the Street View vehicle has passed through and click on the thin blue line to start your journey through your desired street.

Google street view is also beneficial for your business and adding your business to Street View is proven to improve your ranking in the search engine.