Easing Of Vaccine Pass Requirement Driven By Science, Not Votes, Says Fearne


In a short-lived controversial existence, Malta’s vaccine pass requirements, deemed excessive by many will apparently no longer be required for entry to many places after 7th February, with more places added to the list as of 14th February, which also happens to be St. Valentine’s Day.

Exit map or bowing to pressure?

Many appear to question the timing of the announcement, proclaimed by Health Minister Dr Chris Fearne, especially after a number of businesses lambasted the introduction of the strict requirements on the 17th of January. The vaccine pass won’t be required for entry to restaurants, snack bars and social clubs from February 7th, with the list being then extended to bars, gyms, spas, pools, cinemas and theatres as of February 14th.

Needless to say, these are key dates for the entertainment industry and will no doubt help the local business scene get some much-needed respite following a dour couple of years overall. Whether these are the first steps of an exit map taking shape or the government bowing to industry pressure is up for debate, but there’s no doubt that these outlets are likely to be as packed as social distancing regulations will permit. In terms of entry for mass events, sports events, gaming halls, night clubs and travel, however, the vaccine pass is still needed.

Weeks after people had questioned the need for prolonged quarantine periods, Dr Fearne revealed that although for the time being quarantine periods will remain the same, there will eventually be a reduction in the quarantine period for primary contacts. Given the dwindling figures, quarantine will probably remain 10 days for positive cases, but five to seven days for primary contacts, and in some cases might even be removed completely.

Though no mention of plans for summer was made, Fearne also revealed that measures will continue to be eased from mid-February onwards depending on case rates, reiterating that it is science driving these decisions and not votes, as rumours of a March election continue to loom large.

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