Do you use any of these passwords?


Everyone knows that “password”, your name and “123456” are not secure passwords. Passwords are key-phrases used to log in to accounts or anything that requires some sort of authentication to get into.

It is extremely dangerous to use weak passwords and if any of your passwords are listed below we strongly urge you to defend yourself from unauthorised entries.

Splashdata, a company in the password management sector; in 2016 released an analysis of the most commonly used passwords from English speaking countries.
At least 10% of users are guilty of using one of the top 25 most commonly used passwords, with 4% using the world’s most commonly used password: “123456”.
Here are the top 10 most commonly used passwords:

  1. “123456”  
  2. “password”
  3. 12345”
  4. 12345678”
  5. “football”
  6. “qwerty”
  7. “1234567890”
  8. “1234567”
  9. “1234”
  10. “login”
Star Trek’s Picard reacting to his friends’ password

It seems like everybody is practicing their counting or reminding themselves the function of a password!

You wouldn’t leave your front door unlocked at home, so why should you equip your accounts with such minimal security considering the information a password can behold.

What could go wrong with a bit of creativity and mixing symbols with letters?