DJI’s new S900 drone


We have featured the DJI Phantom quad-copter on more than one occasion on our show, and we simply love it. This time around though DJI have come up with the S900 Hexa-copter from the Spreading Wings line, which is really the ultimate drone, to conquer the skies.

This professional drone has six 15″ propellers mounted on DJI’s latest technology motors, allowing it to carry a maximum load of 5Kg. The body is made from carbon fibre, and so are the folding propeller arms, making it lighter, sturdier, and more stable. It has a 15 minute fly time on a fully charged battery, and supports a wide variety of gimbles, which allows the use Lumix GH3 and GH4 cameras as well as the Black magic camera. The landing gear is retractable, allowing the camera to capture a wider perspective.

The price tag is quite high, at $3,800, but if you have your eyes set for professional film making, this is really the best way to go.