DJI New Geofencing System for Drones


DJI, the world leader in drone technology announced the development of a new geofencing system featuring continually updated airspace information.

dji 2

Geospatial Environment Online will provide users with real-time information on location where flying the drone may be restricted by regulation or safety concerns. For the first time essential data regarding flight restrictions in relation to forest fires, stadium events and low flight zones will be available to pilots at the time of flight.

“We believe this major upgrade to our geofencing system will do even more to help operators understand their local flight environment, and to make smart, educated decisions about when and where to fly their drones.” – Brendan Schulman, Vice President of Policy and Legal Affairs.

The drone will not be able to take off or fly into areas of high security however some accounts can be registered and granted special access to operate in these areas.

The new system will launch in North America and Europe first. Other regions will receive an update to airport data but will continue to receive the “no fly zone” warming that has been used since 2013 until the new system rolls out globally.