Crazy Ways Drones are being used


Drones are an ever-growing product, with the initial main focus (to shoot some amazing cinematic footage from the skies) changing every day as people find different uses for drones. While we might still be in time for drones to already start taking over our jobs, in a year or two time loads of unmanned aerial vehicles will be making our lives easier and cheaper. Things that might have not been possible to do due to costs are now possible with the use of drones.

  1. Burrito Bomber
    Last year, a Mexican company outlined plans to be the first to use drone for food delivery service. The concept was to have drones drop their delicious burritos out of the sky and arrive slowly and steadily via parachute. Sadly, nothing else has been said but there have been rumours about Domino’s testing a similar service in New Zealand this year.
  2. Pokemon Go
    Using a drone to move around in Pokemon Go defeats the purpose of it, although if catching Pokemon from the comfort of your own home, is your thing; this is the way to go. One gamer managed to catch them all by strapping his phone to a drone and sitting on his sofa for long hours.
  3. Drone Racing
    Like every other form of transport, humans have found a way to make it competitive. In July 2016; 100 racer drones took to the skies to participate in the Liberty Cup for the US National Drone Racing Championships. The drones were designed and made by the student and even included VR style goggles for the driver to go through a fully immersive experience.
  4. Shipping
    Amazon, one of the world’s biggest retailers expressed themselves about their plans to use drones for shipping in order for your goods to arrive to your door within 30 minutes of purchasing.
  5. Spying
    Definitely the biggest fear among people who are aware of the capabilities of drones.
    Is that small unmanned flying object outside my window spying on me?
    Or is it just capturing cool aerial footage of my city?
  6. Search & Rescue
    Drones can be used highly efficiently in search and rescue missions. They can get to places that humans and maybe even helicopters cannot. A drone with a built-in defibrillator and on-board camera and microphone has been designed to allow a medic to remotely operate it.